Winthrop, Tailored Twig Studio MascotWinthrop is a a florist at heart, and represents the spirit of Tailored Twig: lovingly demanding, elegantly resilient and overtly alluring.

As we packed up our possessions in New Haven, Connecticut in July of 2009, we planned our departure around the birth of our son, Winthrop. We timed the day of our departure for his 56th day of life when his breeder allowed us to whisk him away on an adventure. Maybe because of the road trip or just his adventurous persona, he has loved car rides since.

As many of you know or are soon to find out, that first week of marriage is magical. You agree with each other about everything; take advantage of these initial days. During these first seven days, we agreed upon his name as we spent our honeymoon traversing the back roads of northern Maine and Nova Scotia. (Prior to the wedding, one of us was pushing for the name Fruit soon to be followed by a brother or sister named Pebbles!!! Hopefully, you can understand the conflict.)

Today, he is affectionately known as Mr. W, Sir Winthrop, senior florist, and on occasion, simply Mr. or Sir. He is usually with us, and our first weekend on the east coast of Florida a nice woman proclaimed him the best looking dog in Delray. He accepted the compliment with a bow.

If you see him frolicking on either coast, or during a botanical consultation, he stressed that we let you know he graciously accepts treats.

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