At Tailored Twig, our florist designers are not rewarded by volume. Specializing in one of a kind pieces and distinctive events, we value the purposeful use of each blossom. One design does not fit all. Just as measurements change and must always be taken before tailoring, so too do individual tastes change and mature with time. We aim to address your and your loved ones botanical needs through this lifetime.

With clients on both coasts of Florida, we traverse the state regularly. Fortunately, many of our clients have requested our services for their special events throughout the world, affording us the opportunity to have an international presence.

Locally, we provide florist and event design services in entirety collaborating with wedding and event planners in order to suitably actualize our client’s aspirations.

We service area residences, businesses and restaurants providing weekly and bi-weekly floral installations for foyers, meetings, personal adornment, entrances and dinners.

Abroad, we provide seamless design and planning services through our team of singular persons we have been fortunate enough to work with and learn from over the past couple decades. Thus, in addition to our design, we offer the services of design, transportation, accommodation, planning, menu selection, negotiation, and portraiture. We look forward to our international events because they allow our family of calligraphers, photographers, guides and planners to reunite and create.

Consultations are arranged at our design studio in Tampa, Florida, at our client’s residence, or on-site.

We are honored to have been recognized by the following publications:
DuPont Registry, 2016 “Dazzling Floral Design Blooms”
Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, 2016 “La Vie En Tuscany”
PaperSpecs, 2016 “Weekly Inspiration #258, Tailored Twig”
Life Long Studios, 2015 “Enchanted Forest Wedding at Casa Lantana”
Huffington Post, 2013 “8 Hottest Floral Trends of 2013”
Carly Cylinder, 2013 “Stark Floral Fashion”
Design Work Life, 2013 “FUNNEL: Tailored Twig Event Design Identity and Collateral”

We look forward to the honor of working with you and for your guests to forge lasting memories.

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