Darin Bahl, Tailored Twig OwnerDarin Bahl is more than just a wedding florist; he is the visionary behind the Tailored Twig brand. Sought after by clients and respected by fellow designers for his fresh, novel approach to floral design, Darin can often be found foraging for natural materials to create that hand tailored look for which he has become well known.

A product of the Midwest, Darin pulls from the fabric of his father’s farmland upbringing, which instilled a community mindfulness and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, fundamental in all his considerations. Introduced to the hospitality industry as a young boy, Darin began his journey of developing the art of “honoring the guest” a mantra that is the solid foundation from which he has built his career. This voyage has taken him to all corners of the globe and given him a lifetime of experiences from which he continues to draw inspiration.

From customized dinner parties to hand constructed welcoming packages for house guests the thoughtful nature of his handwritten, hand-picked, guest centered components set Darin apart. From an exquisitely personal wedding at an exclusive estate on Maroma Beach, Mexico, to an elegant union in the French Alps, the driving force behind Darin’s enthusiasm consistently comes back to the privilege and responsibility of honoring our guests and being more than just a florist.

“We choose the people we want to invite into our lives, and should they accept our invitation, I believe it is my responsibility to cherish them. To show them our love and gratitude, we honor them with special details and subtle nuances which reveal our mindfulness and appreciation for their presence. Whether it be at a wedding, dinner party, gala, or fashion show, those slight distinctive luxuries and personal touches are what create our shared memories and foster the bond between our guests we are so blessed to have in our lives and ourselves.”

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